The famous legendry pagoda on the Golden Rock is about 160 km from Yangon. This pagoda is situated on a rocky mountain 3,615 ft. above sea level. The season of the pilgrimage is from October to May. If you are a nature lover and if you are totally aware of what could you expect at Golden Rock, you will enjoy your trip very much.

Kyaikhtiyo (Golden Rock)

Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda is one of the most magical destinations in Myanmar, is located on one peak of eastern mountain range of 1200-meters, deep inside the dense rainforest of Mon State. Buddhists in Myanmar generally believe that the rock boulder and the original stupa were built last 2400-years ago, during the lifetime of Buddha. The credit goes to the hermit who kept the hairs of Buddha for several hundred years until he urged the king of Mons, Tissa to find a stone that would resemble his hermit head and enshrine the hairs in it. With the help of the King of the Nat spirits, the king, who was also a son of miracle making alchemist father and dragon mother, could manage to find one from the ocean bed and then transported to the edge of the ridge by a ship,which then transformed into a stone a few meters away from the present-day Golden Rock boulder. And there are some more fascinating stories to be heard from your guide! While Golden Rock is the main focus to visit, there are several other monasteries and pagodas in this area like Crow Beak, Hermit Hill monastery etc.

For the devote and capable Buddhists, it is more appropriate to hike up from the near-sea-level base camp to the 1200-meter top along the 19-km forest trail passing through a couple of rest houses, waterfalls, food stalls and scenic spots. The Golden Rock pagoda is best visited from October to May. Starting from Jun until September, the pagoda is almost empty and less attractive due to the fierce monsoon season of the entire south as well as Buddhist rain retreat (Buddhist Lent Period).

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