For all the tour prices, we will quote with United State Dollar (US$) only. Upon confirmation of the tour, advance deposit of 50% tour prices is required in order to keep hotel and flight confirmation. Remaining Balance 50% of tour price should be made “Cash-Upon-Arrival” in United State Dollar (US$). However, this policy may not apply to all the tours and you may be asked to pay Balance 50% of tour price 60 days before arrival.

The amount of deposit may also be varied depending on the type of hotel and kind of tour services you want to use. Some hotels, cruise services, and special tour services required deposit from 30% to full payment to confirm the booking. Most of them have a policy to charge minimum 10% to 100% loss of deposit if cancellation or travel date changes are made. Some high-end hotels, cruises services, and special tour arrangements may require 15% to 100% non-refundable1 deposit upon issuing the confirmation and to secure the booking.

In these circumstances, to cover the from the cancellation / date changes policies, we will ask you to deposit the required amount claimed by the said services. Detail of Bank account and procedure will be provided together with Performa invoice in due course. Bank transfer exchange rate 4% Surcharge should be composed upon 50% deposit. If the client(s) fails to deposit the required amount, the company may treat the booking as being cancelled by the client. You cannot expect to change or paid any rumpled, torn bills.

Most money changers and travel services do not accept US$100 bill starting with CB… and regarded as counterfeiting. And the old bills (also called small head) published earlier than 1991s are also not accepted. All the hotels, travel agents, transport services, shops, and money changers in Myanmar accept crisp, clean, un-creased bills only preferably that of 1996 series.

In case if you need to cash from your account, the amount of cash withdrawal and functionality are very limited as well as very high commission will be charged (up to 30%). Thus, please remember to bring enough US$ cash when visiting Myanmar.

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